Morgan & Roy are Married!

Congratulations to such a wonderful couple! I really can’t put into words how much fun I had with these two and how perfect the whole day was from start to finish. It’s rare we have so much time to do portraits AND we had the most amazing fall backdrop! From the adorable vibe these two have, Morgan’s gorgeous handmade dress and vintage fur wrap, all the fall colors, to the fantastic venue that is the Peter Herdic House, I couldn’t have asked for a better day! So happy for these two, here are just a few favorites from their day. :)


Cheers to Glenna & Chris!

Congratulations to this incredible couple. We had such a perfect September day in the country for this wedding! I am so excited to share some favorites. I love that they got married on their beautiful property and had the best party to celebrate. It was so perfect and you could tell everyone that surrounded them throughout the day was so incredibly happy for them. What a beautiful couple & family, it was such a pleasure to photograph this day for them. Can’t wait to relive it & share with all of you!


Look what I did!

What have you done with your wedding dress? I know for years we’ve been told we should get it preserved, but unless you have special plans for it, isn’t it just going to sit in that box? Why not get more photos done in it! Since I’ve been feeling good (thank you baby owen & breastfeeding) I decided it was a great time to do it. I am so glad Emily was available to do it and we found the perfect place for it! I am in love and I cannot wait to get these on my wall! Thank you Emily for such amazing photos! Her and I had so much fun doing these and she made me feel so gorgeous! It’s a little dangerous when two creek loving photographers get together with a creative idea! So much happiness! (Also glad no cameras or toes were harmed during this shoot!) :)


Erica & Craig are Married!

From start to finish this day was so much fun! If you know either of these two amazing humans, you know there is always a smile on both of their faces, so of course on their wedding day they had the biggest smiles yet! The love that surrounds these two is amazing and I’m so happy for them! I can’t tell you how many times I heard from different people how special they both are and how happy everyone was for them! I love getting to share in these happy memories. Here are just a few favorites from this beautiful day.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hoyt!


Fabulous Flowers!

You know it’s going to be a beautiful wedding when you walk into the venue and you get hit in the face with the smell of roses! This amazing wedding had gorgeous flowers everywhere you looked and it just made this already lovely day hosted by Disalvo’s that much more perfect. When the Mother of the Bride works at a flower shop, it makes sense you would have such a fantastic floral display! I’m loving re-living this day and I just had to share how much flowers can add the most beautiful touch to your day. These were all done by the fabulous Hometown Floral in South Williamsport. They are so much fun to work with and as you can see, they do a wonderful job!

Congratulations again to this awesome couple, Chantal & Logan! Thank you for allowing me to share in your spectacular day!


It's a beautiful day in Central PA!

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go”

Family property captured during their family session

Family property captured during their family session

Although it hasn’t been the most beautiful spring, today is a perfect day in Central PA. 70 degrees, sun shining with a little breeze… we couldn’t ask for a better day to start summer! Finally it stopped raining! It really is beautiful here though and those of you who live here should take a little time to slow down and enjoy it this weekend. Speaking of beautiful, I had to share a few favorites from this session because I got to photograph their family on their amazing property, not to mention they are super cute! Soon their scenic view will have a drilling pad in the distance, so it was important for them to get some photos before that happened. I love that I was able to do this for them.

I have been photographing this family for several years now and I really can’t describe how great it is to watch the kids grow and make memories for them, especially on their land that’s so important to them.

Declyn 6 mo_54.jpg

Thank you to Danelle for these kind words about their session!

Keeley is so accommodating from rescheduling because of weather, to location, to dealing with kids, it’s really appreciated how she came to us and I know it helped everyone to be more comfortable and was easier for my family. I always think my house, flowerbed, etc aren’t ready, but she found GREAT spots to capture these memories and we love that they have extra significance to us, as the views we see everyday are now thought about and seen in a new light. One of my favorite shots is from the top of the property as we’re walking away... I never would’ve thought of that. We really appreciate it all and look forward to many more family photos in the years to come.
Declyn 6 mo_61.jpg

If you want to book your family session at a favorite place or just to enjoy the beautiful backdrop we see every day here in Williamsport, please feel free to send me an email or message & take advantage of my summer special, today only! $15 off!

Alanna & Geoff are Married!

Congratulations to this amazing couple! We could not have gotten more lucky with how beautiful the weather turned out for their special day. These two are truly adorable and the happiness they exude is just inspirational. I know that sounds like I’m embellishing, but it’s totally true. This is why I love what I do, the way these two look at each other and I get to capture it for them, it’s just awesome! I cannot wait to share more from this day! I’m already having so much fun re-living it! Thank you for choosing me to photograph your big day Alanna & Geoff! You’re the best! Shout out to Alisha Mack (A Mack Photography) for being a rock star and helping out all day and capturing so many amazing photos right beside me. :)


April Showers bring May Flowers!

Thank goodness, it’s finally here! Sunshine and flowers! It finally feels like we can all come out of our cold weather daze and enjoy the beautiful weather… which also means beautiful portraits & wedding season. I always get so excited this time of year. I mean check out this beautiful senior I photographed a couple weeks ago!? The flowers were perfect and I’m always glad when I get someone who is willing to be immersed in flowers… and her outfit and the light was perfect too.


Warm weather also brings wedding season! Here is a shot from the first of the season, so incredibly perfect. A great couple, beautiful setting, amazing veil & super helpful photo team, this is what you get! So grateful for couples willing to let us get a little creative and spend a little more time on their wedding day. It’s so worth gorgeous shots like these.


Can’t wait for more portraits & weddings throughout the next few months. If you are interested in a family, senior or any other portrait, please just send me a message or give me a call! Let’s get outside and take advantage of the beautiful PA weather!

Welcoming our beautiful baby boy!

Wow what a whirlwind the last month has been welcoming our baby boy. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to stay home and spend this precious time with him and my husband. Although it’s been crazy, he is the most awesome little human & I am so excited to be his mom.

They say time flies and that statement is more true than it has ever been having a child of our own. The days are filled with feeding, naps, diaper changes and cuddles. I am so appreciative that I am able to be home and take in all that is being a new mom. Thank you to all of my clients for being so understanding during this time.

We were so lucky to have our amazing friend Sarah Mumper photograph our new little family at our home. More than ever, I realize how stressful going into a newborn session can be! How long until he cries, will he be happy for any of them, can we get at least one with the dog, when will I be able to feed him and how long will he eat for, do I have time to shower, do my hair and makeup and have some kind of plan for outfits for the rest of the family?! So crazy… I have a whole new appreciation and sensitivity for these types of sessions and the moms who make them happen! Baby did wonderfully and we even captured some breastfeeding shots while we took care of that part, can’t wait to look back and remember how challenging and tiny he was when we were both figuring that part out.


As you can see, Sarah captured so many beautiful moments and we are so grateful to her for spending all that time with us. After all was said and done, there were a few I really wanted that we didn’t get because we already spent three hours with Sarah! I figured, I can finally get my camera out and grab some, what a fun and exciting time to be able to capture my own little babe. Well, it didn’t turn out quite as easy as I had thought… I woke him up from a nap thinking he would be sleepy and I would be able to get a few shots quickly. He was screaming, I was upset because I tried to soothe him with feeding him, but he wasn't having it, trying to grab my camera and get a few shots before he was really screaming, boob out (leaking), baby was spitting up, pooping etc… so frustrating! Phew! I finally got the few shots I wanted after about an hour and thought to myself, this probably isn’t going to get any easier… haha which answers my question while I was pregnant about how many photos I’m really going to have of my own kid. I would hope it gets easier, but I’ll keep you posted!

Lesson to be shared through all of this, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Even a photographer should get to enjoy and be treated to some beautiful photos of his/her own family. It’s so much easier and it was such a beautiful experience instead of trying to do it myself!

Thank you Sarah for making this so easy and lovely. I am so glad to have these memories! Also, a little shout out to all Moms out there, you rock! Everyone tells you it’s hard, but you really have no idea until you do it yourself. It’s so worth it and we are so in love, but man… props to all of you! If you are reading this as a Mom, know you’re not alone and you’re doing a fantastic job!

I also have to say thanks to my wonderful husband Logan, who has been so incredibly helpful throughout this whole experience of bringing a new life into the world. More in love than I’ve ever been seeing you with our son.

Baby is Coming!

We are so excited to meet our little one & it’s not going to be long now! We are so glad to have these beautiful memories and Sarah Mumper Photography did an amazing job capturing them for us! It’s always an interesting experience being on the other side of the camera, but we had so much fun! (Of course it helps to have your very good friend capture them… no matter how cold it is!) Thank you Sarah for braving the cold with us and making these amazing moments for us. It was so hard to choose my favorites to share and going to be even more difficult to choose which to display in our home. We will really enjoy sharing them with our kiddo someday. Love this man and we cannot wait to meet our little babe soon!


As far as being behind the camera, it’s been hard for me to decide when to take some time off so I’m kind of winging it! I will certainly be taking the first few weeks off after baby is born to spend time as our new little family, but will still be available, although responses will be delayed. I appreciate all of my clients understanding during this time. Timing has worked out well though because it’s not a very nice time of year for photos, so I don’t expect many of you to need me as much as you might as the year goes on. I will most likely ease back into my normal shooting schedule in late spring, just in time for the beautiful weather to come back. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in scheduling and I will get back to you as soon as possible. After photographing so many memories for all of you, I am so excited to experience the amazing moments of becoming a Mom & capturing them for our family too. Thank you for visiting! I will soon be updating with the new member of our family! <3

Booking 2019 & 2020 Weddings!

It’s time to book your wedding photographer! :)

Alanna & Geoff_33.jpg

It’s time to confirm your date for the 2019 & 2020 wedding season! I’m so excited for another beautiful season. If you are looking for a photographer or know someone who is, please reach out! I’d be happy to meet with you in person and chat more about your day. It’s so much fun for me to talk about and get excited with each bride and groom about their big day. Especially on days like today (-1 degrees with a feels like temperature of -15) I can’t wait for warmer wedding days… much like this beautiful one from last year. It’s the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch and start planning. I can’t wait to see all of you beautiful couples!

Gaby & Akmal_138.jpg

Delivering Joy!


Happy 2019 Everyone! I’ve been meaning to share this very exciting piece with all of you. This little guy is a very good friend’s son and he won the UPMC photo contest for cutest baby! I get to see his adorable little face on our local billboards! It makes me so proud to have captured his photos since he was born and he makes the perfect little spokesperson for delivering joy.

I am also getting the opportunity to experience the wonderful care that the UPMC OB department provides in Williamsport. I’m so glad we have such a great group of people in our area. I can’t wait to welcome our little one into the world with all of the wonderful UPMC staff. A huge shout out to UPMC for making such a beautiful piece. Of course also to the family that allowed me to capture these special moments for them! So much Love!

Family Photos are Incredibly valuable!

I hope you all are staying warm and had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was happy to be home and spend time with my family and even make some memories for some other families. You know what I hear more than anything else as a photographer? “We haven’t had a family photo for years”. It’s easy to let time fly by with all of our busy schedules and out of town family members. If you are someone who is guilty of not having a family photo taken in awhile, please schedule something today! You just never know how things could change and you don’t want to miss out on an important memory with family. Not to mention, the kiddos only stay little for so long!

I’m going to be announcing extended family specials for over the holiday season so you can take advantage of when family is home! Be sure to follow my social media to see available dates. If this special doesn’t work out for you, grab a gift certificate for a family session next year! It really makes an amazing gift and everyone involved is happy to have the memories. You can grab a gift certificate here:

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Fine Art Nature Gallery!

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to announce a new gallery I’ve added to my website, my fine art nature photos! Since I’ve grown up in such a beautiful place, where I now live again, I have so many nature shots I’ve taken over time and I finally got a lot together to share with all of you. I plan to share more as I shoot more, but it’s a good start! All are available for purchase to add some local or not so local beauty to your home. Since it’s that time of year, this could make a great gift too! Find the new gallery under my main menu - gallery - fine art nature.


Thanks for visiting! I’m excited to share this with all of you as nature is what really made me fall in love with photography in the first place. Have a great day! :)