Welcoming our beautiful baby boy!

Wow what a whirlwind the last month has been welcoming our baby boy. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to stay home and spend this precious time with him and my husband. Although it’s been crazy, he is the most awesome little human & I am so excited to be his mom.

They say time flies and that statement is more true than it has ever been having a child of our own. The days are filled with feeding, naps, diaper changes and cuddles. I am so appreciative that I am able to be home and take in all that is being a new mom. Thank you to all of my clients for being so understanding during this time.

We were so lucky to have our amazing friend Sarah Mumper photograph our new little family at our home. More than ever, I realize how stressful going into a newborn session can be! How long until he cries, will he be happy for any of them, can we get at least one with the dog, when will I be able to feed him and how long will he eat for, do I have time to shower, do my hair and makeup and have some kind of plan for outfits for the rest of the family?! So crazy… I have a whole new appreciation and sensitivity for these types of sessions and the moms who make them happen! Baby did wonderfully and we even captured some breastfeeding shots while we took care of that part, can’t wait to look back and remember how challenging and tiny he was when we were both figuring that part out.


As you can see, Sarah captured so many beautiful moments and we are so grateful to her for spending all that time with us. After all was said and done, there were a few I really wanted that we didn’t get because we already spent three hours with Sarah! I figured, I can finally get my camera out and grab some, what a fun and exciting time to be able to capture my own little babe. Well, it didn’t turn out quite as easy as I had thought… I woke him up from a nap thinking he would be sleepy and I would be able to get a few shots quickly. He was screaming, I was upset because I tried to soothe him with feeding him, but he wasn't having it, trying to grab my camera and get a few shots before he was really screaming, boob out (leaking), baby was spitting up, pooping etc… so frustrating! Phew! I finally got the few shots I wanted after about an hour and thought to myself, this probably isn’t going to get any easier… haha which answers my question while I was pregnant about how many photos I’m really going to have of my own kid. I would hope it gets easier, but I’ll keep you posted!

Lesson to be shared through all of this, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! Even a photographer should get to enjoy and be treated to some beautiful photos of his/her own family. It’s so much easier and it was such a beautiful experience instead of trying to do it myself!

Thank you Sarah for making this so easy and lovely. I am so glad to have these memories! Also, a little shout out to all Moms out there, you rock! Everyone tells you it’s hard, but you really have no idea until you do it yourself. It’s so worth it and we are so in love, but man… props to all of you! If you are reading this as a Mom, know you’re not alone and you’re doing a fantastic job!

I also have to say thanks to my wonderful husband Logan, who has been so incredibly helpful throughout this whole experience of bringing a new life into the world. More in love than I’ve ever been seeing you with our son.