It's a beautiful day in Central PA!

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go”

Family property captured during their family session

Family property captured during their family session

Although it hasn’t been the most beautiful spring, today is a perfect day in Central PA. 70 degrees, sun shining with a little breeze… we couldn’t ask for a better day to start summer! Finally it stopped raining! It really is beautiful here though and those of you who live here should take a little time to slow down and enjoy it this weekend. Speaking of beautiful, I had to share a few favorites from this session because I got to photograph their family on their amazing property, not to mention they are super cute! Soon their scenic view will have a drilling pad in the distance, so it was important for them to get some photos before that happened. I love that I was able to do this for them.

I have been photographing this family for several years now and I really can’t describe how great it is to watch the kids grow and make memories for them, especially on their land that’s so important to them.

Declyn 6 mo_54.jpg

Thank you to Danelle for these kind words about their session!

Keeley is so accommodating from rescheduling because of weather, to location, to dealing with kids, it’s really appreciated how she came to us and I know it helped everyone to be more comfortable and was easier for my family. I always think my house, flowerbed, etc aren’t ready, but she found GREAT spots to capture these memories and we love that they have extra significance to us, as the views we see everyday are now thought about and seen in a new light. One of my favorite shots is from the top of the property as we’re walking away... I never would’ve thought of that. We really appreciate it all and look forward to many more family photos in the years to come.
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