Fall in Love

Happy Monday! Although I had a super busy weekend, I was glad to have so many fun things to photograph! Karin & Chris' wedding on the Gateway Clipper was absolutely awesome, despite the rain and cold! They are so laid back and fun to be around, I was thrilled to get to spend the weekend with them in Pittsburgh!

Once I got home on Sunday, I had about an hour to rest and then off to another fall session! I love fall and so all the photographing I've been doing, capturing the beautiful people & colors, has been amazing. I had a senior portrait earlier last week and another family session on Thursday. I can't wait to share how adorable the images are from the Little Family... as well as the Harvey Family from yesterday! So many fun sessions to share, I'm feeling truly grateful for all the photographs I've been taking the last few weeks!

Please check back regularly for updates! I'm happy to say the new site seems to be running smoothly and I really appreciate all the positive feedback!  

Happy Fall! <3