Wonderful Weekend in NYC!

Good Morning! Happy Monday! I just had to share the amazing details of my weekend! I traveled up to NYC to photograph a surprise proposal at Rockefeller Center on the ice! I was pretty nervous because I had to make sure I wasn't seen by the unsuspecting girlfriend! As the 6pm proposal approached, I found the best spot to shoot and the ice was cleared. It was just the two of them in the middle of the ice as their favorite song played in the background. The moment was perfect and completely romantic as the crowd cheered on from all around the rink. I was so completely honored to share in their special moment! ... in case you're wondering, she said yes!

Congratulations to Marshall & Jennifer!


After we spent the night celebrating, we called it a night and prepared for the next day, which was a surprise engagement session in Central Park! This guy really had it all planned out! She's one lucky girl! :) They are so in love, I could see it in their eyes the entire time we were together. I'm so happy for them and it's so amazing to be able to capture these moments! There are so many great photographs, I can't wait to share the rest!