Senior Portraits!

Happy Friday Everyone! The kids should be excited for the snow today as many have 2 hour delays. I miss the days of going to school, just for the fact that sometimes you didn't have to wake up so early! Senior year was probably one of my favorites, there's so much to look forward to and to work on to become who you want to be in the future.

I encourage every senior to remember this special time in their life through a portrait session! Take it from me, you're never going to look or feel exactly like you look now and as things change as you get older, it'll be so cool to look back and remember how you felt your senior year and all the things that you thought you wanted to do or how it's changed. It's very exciting! Why wouldn't you want to keep that forever?! I promise the Senior portrait session is super fun! You get to bring all your favorite outfits and any items that speak to your personality to create something that's truly unique to you. We can even go to your favorite place!

All Senior portrait sessions include 20 wallets that you can hand out to your family and friends... of course more can be ordered if you choose! A photo book is a great way to display your portraits as well! Spring is not too far away, schedule today to make sure you have your portraits by the time you graduate! We could even combine a family session with a senior session to include siblings and/or parents!

If you know anyone who is about to graduate, or is getting close to senior year, please let them know how much fun they will have creating a memory with me!

Thanks, as always, for reading! Have a great weekend!