What are women saying about the Boudoir session!?

Surprise your special someone with a very unique & romantic gift!


What are women saying about the Boudoir Session?


"I went into this session a little nervous, apprehensive and insecure, but it was very comfortable, relaxing and personal. Overall it was very good and fun. I have already recommended you to friends and I love the photos! My husband was COMPLETELY surprised when he saw the photos & picture I ordered. It was great!!"


You will spend the session completely relaxed and comfortable, whether its in your own home or at a private studio location, drinking a glass of wine or champagne and having a blast creating beautiful images!


"Keeley has this lovely idea that women should be photographed. That you don't have to be a Playboy model to feel sexy and beautiful. That any woman can own it if she wants to. I agree, but saying you agree and posing for pictures as if you're a sexy lingerie model are two different things! Still, I decided to try. The boudoir shoot was fun and light. Keeley was encouraging, she respected my insecurities rather than photographing them. And the photographs? Let's just say I felt like a million bucks even before my husband smiled, reached for me and said, "My wife is hot."

We document our big moments in life--our engagements, wedding, pregnancies, children, and other milestones, but do we really ever appreciate and document ourselves? I won't ever regret allowing myself to feel sexy and beautiful. Thanks, Keeley!"


I love this session so much and it is truly to make women feel good about themselves! Whether its a gift for your special someone, part of a bachelorette party, a wedding day surprise or just to try something new and fun, the Boudoir session is one to try! We all deserve to feel beautiful and sexy!