Happy Spring!

Happy Monday! I hope you all have another great week! I really enjoyed this past weekend with my family and friends and especially my incredible boyfriend who makes me the happiest girl in the world.

Hope you all had a great holiday. I know I did... it was my boyfriend's birthday as well so we hung out with family and enjoyed lots of delicious food. We had beautiful weather too, I can't express how excited and grateful I am to have beautiful weather again! It's amazing how much it fills the soul with happiness.

I also had the wonderful pleasure of photographing two beautiful families last week! I really seriously love what I do. So many sessions go so quickly and I always guarantee that we got some great shots, even if the kids were running around the whole time! It makes my day when the parents see a photo I share and love it! This is one of the many reasons i love being a photographer and making memories for so many people.