First Friday at the Pajama Factory featuring the Boudoir Session

Every woman should feel beautiful and sexy all the time! We all have our flaws and I think that's what makes us all amazing and individual. You will never be the perfect self you always dream about and honestly, you shouldn't worry so much about chasing that dream. Women should be celebrated, each and every one, each and every shape and size. The Boudoir Portrait Session is the perfect thing for this celebration. Whether it's for an anniversary, a wedding gift or just because, this session is the perfect romantic and unique gift for your special someone. Not only can it make a wonderful gift, it should be done for you! I hope that every woman who leaves their session, feels even more beautiful, sexy and confident than they did before they came into it. I love hearing that it was fun and relaxing, because that's exactly what I strive for each and every time. 

"Keeley has this lovely idea that women should be photographed. They should feel sexy and get playful even if they aren't Playboy models or even Playtex models. That any woman can own it if she wants to. I figured she's right, so I gave it a shot. During the shoot we laughed, Keeley was encouraging, she listened to my insecurities rather than photographing them. It was a completely non-judgmental, fun, liberating experience from which I got some pretty cool--pretty hot--pictures". -Carrie

Come check out some of the gorgeous women who are willing to share photos from their boudoir sessions this First Friday, February 6th from 6-9pm, at the Pajama Factory -Studio 5.